Hey there! I'm an interactive developer, designer and problem-solver from Minneapolis. I've been living to build things since I was very young, and I can't imagine doing anything else. I've been churning out interactive content since the late 1990s. Being a firm believer in the power of well-chosen tools, I approach every task with objectivity and pragmatism. I am currently available for evening and weekend work, so don't hesitate to get in touch!


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With 13 years of professional interactive experience, I'm well-suited for digital projects of all sizes, with specialty in the following areas:

  • Development: Hand-coded desktop and mobile interfaces using standards-compliant HTML5 and CSS, Javascript / AJAX, Flash, and native languages. Additional proficiency in video and rich-media advertising.
  • Design: Elegant, content-oriented, user-centric interactive layouts for the web, mobile, and applications. Identity systems, icons, buttons, controls and type.
  • Consulting: Code reviews, interactive roadmapping, concepting, and campaign ideation. UX and IA development, including persona definition, wireframing, use-case documentation and analytics/reporting.

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Wallpaper: Paradiso Modular Synthesizer

Spent last weekend in Boston at PAXEast with Ned. He had the awesome idea to check out the MIT Museum, which was about a 10 minute walk from our hotel in Cambridge.

Among the many awesome things we saw there was this amazing audio monstrosity...

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Wallpaper: Undead Shoes

Ran the Warrior Dash today, and by pure luck, I managed not to maim or kill myself.

The nature of the event (obstacles, mud, water, barbed wire, junkyard metal, etc) makes it a perfect opportunity to "retire" a pair of running shoes, but all is not lost, because even though they might be ruined for the purpose of running, there's still a lot of practical use remaining. One of the cooler aspects of the event is participation in the Green Sneakers program, which aims to bring these shoes back from the brink of destruction, clean them up, and distribute them to people around the world.

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